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CCThinClient V3.7 rev 1.2.2


First ensure that you are login with  Administrator account  , if it is disabled , enable it and then login as Administrator.

CCThinClient needs Dot Net Framework 3.5 to be pre installed, either you can install it online or you can install it using our Offline Installer , you can download from the mail provided or from the customer login at

Download the Setup of CCThinClient Software from the mail provided or from the customer login at

Your setup file exe looks like  Setup-CCThinClientV3.7.32-win10-rev1.2.2.exe

Also note and save the Product ID from the mail provided or from the customer login at

Your Product ID looks like “CCThinClientV3.7.32-win10-RITL-8760-HJKP-PTHY

Run the Setup and follow the video at :

After running the setup set static ip to subnet to, gateway to if you want to have different family of ip, contact

If your internet connection setting needs different ip family , we recommend not to change above ip subnet but to go to ip address version 4 properties and click Advance button there add an ip and subnet of you internet connection needs.


Do not use static ip range in local network  from to 192.168.1. no of client lic you purchased .

eg. Suppose you purchased 10 user licence of CCThinClient then static ip from to will be assigned to the client computers  that is why this if you use range of IP between above it will create IP conflict.

CCThinClient application will automatically set the Windows Firewall to OFF.  If the firewall is ON (Public / Private) your clients will not boot.

CCThinClient application need  the Remote Desktop Settings of your Server to set Allow (Less Secure) see the following picture, otherwise clients will not boot.



If you are using any antivirus (QuickHeal, Avira, Norton etc.) please make sure that any type of firewall or blocking of the CCThinClient application should be removed or exceptions to CCThinClient  should be set.

To prevent above situation first  install CCThinClient set it up and boot the clients successfully (for your confidence), then after install any antivirus and add CCThinClient to the exception list of the antivirus or contact antivirus company they will set it up for you.

After installing CCThinClient and setting up the windows ip,  firewall , remote desktop etc create users and add them to the members of RemoteDesktopUsers  see the video at

By default CCThinClient is setup for PS/2 mouse to change this see the video at      

Because installation of CCThinClient  will make your  PC/Server act as a DHCP server  there may be a situation of DHCP Conflict, if you have an internet connection modem / router in the same network there may be a situation that your internet Modem or Router has DHCP enabled , then CCThinClient Server and Modem/Router there will be 2 DHCP servers available at the same time , in this situation Clients will not boot because 2 DHCP servers will provide ip to the clients and this will create a conflict, to prevent this disable DHCP from you internet Modem/Router.

CCThinClient is equipped with a Rough DHCP Detection Button, you can click on that button and if find 2 DHCP Servers or more plz disable all other DHCP servers . see picture




CC Network Solutions


Prerequisites.pdf Prerequisites.pdf

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